Design Process

Whether you need to modify an existing website or create an entirely new one, Pierpoint-Martin has 15 years experience designing websites for a wide-variety of clients.

Our approach is client-driven. We start by meeting with you to determine your exact needs and expectations. Then we create design specs and mockups of proposed designs for your approval. These are revised until you are happy with the design.

Sometimes the design process involves a single round of changes; sometimes multiple rounds. In either case, we are never satisfied with a design until you are.

Website designed by Pierpoint-Martin for youngest Sprint Car racer Mathew Shedarowich
Content Management System (CMS)

To stay fresh, a website needs to be updated regularly. While Pierpoint-Martin staff are perfectly happy to update your website for you at any time, we like to give our clients the option to make routine changes themselves. This saves our clients both time and money. In fact, most of our clients make simple updates to their websites themselves and only contact us when the changes are more complex or they do not have time to make the changes themselves.

To update their websites, we provide our clients with a Content Management System (CMS). This web-based interface allows our clients to add, modify, and/or delete text, photos, and videos on existing pages; add new pages; and add new items to menus and toolbars themselves at any time.

Website designed by Pierpoint-Martin for Children's Bureau includes a Content Management System
Mobile Websites

Websites are increasingly being accessed from mobile devices such as smartphones. While conventionally designed websites can be viewed on mobile devices, most are difficult to use.

The solution is to provide your visitors with a mobile version of your website. This version—specially designed for mobile devices—will automatically be displayed when your website is accessed from a smartphone or other mobile device.

In today's world, mobile users are more likely to use and return to websites that are designed for mobile devices, so having a mobile version of your website is a competitive advantage. Pierpoint-Martin can create a mobile website from your existing website.
Mobile website (left) designed by Pierpoint-Martin based on existing website (above)
E-Commerce Websites

Over the past decade, Pierpoint-Martin has built e-commerce websites for every type of business from small, local retailers to national retail chains. Our e-commerce websites include state-of-the-art technology for maximizing sales including intelligent shopping cart and checkout upsell systems that encourage shoppers to purchase additional items, smart search functions that enable shoppers to better find the items for which they are searching, and dropped shopping cart protection to reduce the percentage of shoppers who leave the site without purchasing.

Other optional e-commerce website features include a VIP membership program that rewards repeat customers and makes it easier for them to purchase by saving their shipping and payment information, an affiliate program that allows other websites to send customers to your site in return for a sales commission, and popup surveys to identify customer opinions about products, services, or the website itself.
E-commerce website designed by Pierpoint-Martin for
The Toothfairy Children's Foundation
E-Commerce BackOffice

An e-commerce website is only as good as the system provided for managing it. That's why Pierpoint-Martin provides all it's e-commerce clients with an E-Commerce BackOffice.

This web-based system allows our clients to update product information, manage orders and shipments, track inventory, and generate reports. It also includes a Customer Relationship Management system for tracking phone calls and e-mails to and from customers.

E-commerce BackOffice designed by Pierpoint-Martin for fitness clothing manufacturer Gym Life
If a client is using an outside fulfillment company to ship orders, the E-Commerce BackOffice can be customized to automatically send orders to the fulfillment company and receive back shipment tracking information. Alternatively, if a client is doing his/her own fulfillment, the E-Commerce BackOffice can be used to print shipping documents including packing lists and UPS, USPS, and/or FedEx labels. Pierpoint-Martin is a certified U.S. Postal Service Web Tools Integrator (

The E-Commmerce BackOffice can also be integrated with third-party e-commerce systems such as a Yahoo,, eBay, and/or Facebook stores. This means, if you have one of those stores, orders from it can be downloaded directly into the E-Commerce BackOffice and managed in same way as orders from your own website.