What is a Mobile App?

Until recently, if you wanted to run a computer application such as an e-mail or word processing program, you had to use a desktop or laptop computer. Today, however, there are many computer programs that can be run on a smartphone such as an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android phone or on another mobile device such as an iPad.

These computer programs are called "mobile applications" or "mobile apps." Today, approximately 50% of all cell phones sold in the U.S. are smartphones--and that percentage continues to increase. As more and more people get smartphones, mobile apps are becoming more and more popular.

From a business point of view, having a mobile app increases brand visibility and loyalty. When a user installs your app on his or her phone, an icon with your logo is added to the home screen. From then on, the user will see your brand every time he she uses the phone.

Several years ago, businesses realized that they needed to have a website in order to remain competitive. Today, more and more businesses are realizing they need a mobile app as well.

iPad/Android tablet version of Teen Fitness magazine created by Pierpoint-Martin for Family Fitness Media. Click here to download the app from the Apple iTunes App Store.
Smartphone Apps

Pierpoint-Martin can create mobile apps for all major smartphone brands including iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android. The process for creating an app is similar to the process for creating a website. We meet with you to determine your needs and expectations. Then we create design specs and mockups of proposed designs for your approval. These are revised until you are happy with the design. Then we build, test, and release the app.

When thinking about what functionality to include in your smartphone app, often a good place to start is to look at your website. Consider which website functions might be useful for someone on-the-go. As you do, keep in mind that smartphones provide capabilities that websites do not such as the ability to determine the user's location or the ability to record pictures or video. Any or all of these capabilities can be included in your smartphone app.

iPad/Android Tablet Apps

If you have a business application that would benefit from a bigger screen size, you might want to consider creating a mobile app for an iPad or other tablet device either instead of or in addition to a smartphone app. Typical uses for iPad or tablet apps include catalogs and magazines, but the options are unlimited. Pierpoint-Martin can create mobile apps for all major tablet brands including iPad and Android tablets.
iPhone/Android phone app in development by Pierpoint-Martin
for Children's Bureau.